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How To Buy?

Two ways to make a purchase. Please Choose one of the way to make your purchase.

If there is any doubts drop us a text or call to 87149646.


Way Number 1: Cash Payment & Self Collection only

Things to take note:
- DO NOT Checkout from here at any point of time.

Self Collection:
- Contact 87149646 for arrangement.
- At Block 286 Bukit Batok East Ave 3 S(650286)
- Open daily for purchase call or text to 87149646 and check our availability.

Payment instructions:

1. Look through our products.
2. Gather the items that you’re interested to purchase.
3. Calculate the total amount to purchase.
4. Payment accept by :
- Cash.
- POSB Saving Account: 007-65318-2
- DBS PayLah!: 87149646
- PayPal:
5. Receipt/Invoice soft copy via Email(Only customer who request to have).


Way Number 2: iBanking(POSB Saving Account) or DBS PayLah!

Things to take note:
- Full payment must be make within 24-Hours other wise order will be automatically cancelled without further notices.
Once payment is made successfully into:
- POSB Saving Account: 007-65318-2
- DBS PayLah!: 87149646
- PayPal:
- We'll email you the updates on the shipping.

Payment instructions:

Transaction using iBanking or DBS PayLah!:
i: Transfer to POSB Saving Account: 007-65318-2 or DBS PAYLAH!: 87149646
ii: Enter the total amount which reflected on the Checkout Payment.
iii: Once transaction is made successfully SMS to 87149646 with the following format below.
Name(Same stated in the Customer Account):
Order number: e.g #0000
Total Payment on Checkout: e.g $00.00