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Security Alarm Wireless with Remote Control

Security Alarm Wireless with Remote Control

  • $15.90

1. Simple to operate and easy to install.
2. Perfect to protect your shop, office, home, car, house or anywhere requiring protection.
3. Only the user can unlock the alarm.
4. It adopts micro-computer technique, having high-middle-lower sensitivity for you to choose.
5. Wireless Vibration Alarm with infra-red remote control.
6. Super loud, simple, easy to theft.
7. It helps protect your bicycle well, and you don't need to worry about losing it.
8. Effective remote control and alarm sensors 10 meters above the terminal, open area up to 30 meters.

1. Alarm: powered by 1x 6F22 9V battery (not included)
2. Remote controller: powered by 1x L828 battery(included)
3. Dynamic current: <100mA
4. Alarm decibel: >105db
5. Work temperature: -15C ~ 75C
6. Store temperature: -40C ~ 85C
7. Environment humidity level: 5% ~ 98%
8. Color: Black
9. Alarm Size: 9.5cm x 6cm x 3.8cm(approx)

Package Weight: 144Gram
Product Weight: 116Gram

Using method:
Press the red button A, fortification will beep; press the B button to cancel the gray, theft will beep twice.

1. Waterproof, but do not immerse the product into water.
2. Alkaline 9V battery is recommended to use. (If in cold winter, cold resistance battery is recommended to use.)
3. Please replace the battery once the alarm sound becomes lower.
4. Please take out the battery when not using the alarm for a long time to avoid any damage due to the leak liquid.

Package Include:
1 * Vibration Alarm
1 * Remote Controller
1 * 6F222 9Volt Batteries (Given)
4 * Screw
2 * Nut


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