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Campagnolo Potenza 11 Dual Pivot Brake

Campagnolo Potenza 11 Dual Pivot Brake

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Price Stated for 1 Pair

Description of Campagnolo Potenza 11 Dual Pivot Brake
Campagnolo's Potenza 11 fills the gap between Athena and the higher tier components of the Chorus, Record and Super Record series. The Potenza parts profit from the “trickle down” effect of top-end technology and solutions originally designed for the benefit of the World Tour level athletes and which brings several technologies found on Super Record to more accessible groupsets in the Campagnolo range.

There is no groupset that has benefitted more from this than the newest group in the Revolution 11+ family, the Potenza 11. The shared DNA is so evident that many components of the groupset will require a close look beyond the logo to identify any significant difference which often is represented by a mere change in material. But Campagnolo doesn’t produce different grades of performance and with this in mind every product leaves the factory only when it has proven to live up to their own quality standard. So the Potenza components are technically the higher tier groups' equal in every way.

The Campagnolo Potenza 11 Dual Pivot brakes provide the needed safety in any riding situation. Thanks to the Dual Pivot technology every brake has got two pivots what makes a more resolute and determined braking possible.

Product Name: Campagnolo Potenza 11 Dual Pivot Brakes - Set - black
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Material: aluminium
Weight: approx. 318 gram (per pair)
Package Included: 1 pair, including front and rear wheel brake


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