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Ceiling Hanger Mount

Ceiling Hanger Mount

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Item Description :
- Basement and garage for space saving.
- This gadget will help you lift and lower your bike with minimal effort
- Especially a family who stay in BTO flat and like to cycle very often over the weekend or bike lover who has a lot of bike this is the best product you need to have them without further consider.

- Easy-to-install pulley system frees up floor space.
Safe locking mechanism prevents accidental release With rubber coated fixing hooks to protect the bicycle from scratches.
Pulley system capable to hold up 20kg to ceiling hanger
Bike-lift ceiling mount for ceilings up to 13 feet high.
Easy lifting and lowering with minimal effort

Color Black
Material Iron
Weight capacity: 45 pounds
Rope length: 15m/49t
Screw length: 43cm 117in
Item weight Approx 1592g 13,5lD
Package size: 26' 13. 10cm/10.2 5.1 3.9in
Packaging Weight: 1568Gram

Package List:
10 Wood Screw
10 Wall Anchor
2 Lit Assembly
2 Hook Pulley
1 Rope Cleat
1 Rope
1 Mounting instruction(English)


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