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crankbrothers Tool Speedier Lever

crankbrothers Tool Speedier Lever

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crankbrothers Tool Speedier Lever
Knuckle-saving tyre lever that removes and installs cycling tyres.
Maybe you have physical issues with your hands, fingers and wrists or maybe you just want a better, faster way to change your bike tyres and tubes, what you need to do is make today the day you decide to give the Speedier Lever from Crank Brothers a try. It is going to be a life saver for you. It's unique design is strong & durable and allows the user to remove and install tyres with a single lever whilst cleverly protecting knuckles from graze injuries. The expertly engineered leverage, grip and angle of the tool not only makes tyre removal a breeze, but also makes putting a tyre back on the rim just as easy. You really should get one for yourself and maybe grab a few more to 'gift' to your best mates while you’re at it.
• Knuckle-saving tyre lever to remove and install bicycle tyres
• Unique design is strong, durable and lightweight
• Perfect addition to your saddle bag tool kit
• Allows you to remount a tyre faster than other methods
• Length: 144mm
• Height: 30mm
• Width: 20mm
• Weight: 26g
• Material: Polycarbonate (Nylon)
Colour: Black
Package Weight: 52Gram

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