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Dry Fit Tee Giant Full Suspension Trance 27.5

  • $20.00

Size available: S, XL, XXL & XXXL

Size for Small:
Shoulder to Shoulder: 38cm
Pit to Pit: 43cm
Hem: 42.7cm
Shoulder to Hem: 59cm
Sleeve Length: 15.5cm

Size for XL:
Shoulder to Shoulder: 48.5cm
Pit to Pit: 57cm
Hem: 53.5cm
Shoulder to Hem: 74.4cm
Sleeve Length: 24cm

Size for 2XL:
Shoulder to Shoulder: 53cm
Pit to Pit: 59cm
Hem: 56.6cm
Shoulder to Hem: 79.3cm
Sleeve Length: 24.5cm

Size for 3XL:
Shoulder to Shoulder: 55.5cm
Pit to Pit: 60cm
Hem: 59cm
Shoulder to Hem: 80.5cm
Sleeve Length: 27cm

Size Small: 92Gram
Size XL: 176Gram
Size XXL: 188Gram
Size XXXL:207Gram