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Dual Bicycle Tower Rack Holder Hanger

Dual Bicycle Tower Rack Holder Hanger

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Top portion:
- Cover for ceiling
- Spring for tighten grip during setup.

Extension portion:
- Pull out pole to desire height.
- Lock it with the clip lever.

Handler portion:
- User need to DIY hanger part .
- 2 screws on the nylon hook.
- Steel hanger with nylon hook for strength nylon material is used on office chair legs too.
- Simple knob screw for knob.
- 2 screws that secure hanger and latch

Bottom portion:
- Tighten your pole grip by turning the knob below. This will ensure the spring on top has no loose gap.

Main body frame: Steel
Hanger: Steel
Hook: Strong Nylon
Top & Bottom stopper Nylon
Note: Can be dismantled in 3 separate part
Package Weight: 5.8kg
Max Height: 4Meter
Min Height: 1.77 Meter
Seller note: Not suitable on false ceiling


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