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Fashion Inflatable Sleeping Bed Sofa Air Bag Bed For Camping Hiking Interior Fishing Indoor Outdoor

Fashion Inflatable Sleeping Bed Sofa Air Bag Bed For Camping Hiking Interior Fishing Indoor Outdoor

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Product information
Material: nylon
Thickness: 0.18mm-0.75mm, according to their own requirements.
Specifications: 260*70*50cm
Color: Pink, Black, Blue
Weight: 1215Gram

Beautiful and convenient:
Inflatable toy store small, let go after the gas volume with a few books as large as the volume weight is very light, the child had been well or suburban homes can be folded up and stuffed into a backpack to carry.

Gifts: travel, tourism, a must-have product! Good gifts for friends!

Terms of use:
Inflatable don't overdose, 80%
Do not fill gas or use high pressure air pump
Inflatable and not to contact tool
Inflatable and not near sources of ignition
Kicked hard and not too large

Do not turn the product upside down, so that the bottom of the sandbags fall off

Best breezy weather, the test abroad is weather a breeze, open the Pocket against the wind, the wind is directly in-situ wind filled the air. Jog for 10 meters can be less if the wind straight line full cent air, roll up after sealing, persuading air fullness so far 100%, gate fold sealed after locking.

1. inflatable Note: remember not aeration when carrying around the Pocket for a ride, because pockets are long, not suitable for circling for a ride, easy to trip yourself.

2. sealing roll Note: sealing must be aligned when the volume force wind up, knows volumes do not move so far, so that the Pocket inflatable full. And you must try to temper volume! Not beautiful, but also easy to lock after seal from the seal leak is possible!

3. regarding the sealing of plastic bags rolled up description: our products PVC plastic bag seal with foreign original manner consistent without having done any changes: sealing seals on both sides to roll up roll in plastic bags, usually 1-2, they can be used in the process control.

Package Include:
1 x Air Bed
1 x Bag(For the keeping of air bed)
1 x Instruction Manuel