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Finish Line Premium Bike Care Value Pack

Finish Line Premium Bike Care Value Pack

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Description of Finish Line Premium Bike Care Value Pack

With the Premium Bike Care Value Pack you get a cleansing set with the best-liked cleansing material for your bike. Because a clean bike last longer, looks great and rides smooth and fast!

Multi-Bike Degreaser: The Finish Line Multi-Bike Degreaser features 100% active (no water) biodegradable degreasing solvents that are safe for all surfaces and materials of a bicycle. This technology will break down and remove the grease, oil and wax that builds up on a bicycle chain. Use with Finish line's Grunge Brush or Pro Chain Cleaner.

DRY Lube: The Finish Line Dry Bike Lube sets up in a dry, 'wax-like' film that attracts less grime, is long-lasting chain lube and prevents rusting in extreme cycling conditions. Use for smoother shifts, easier pedaling, and less abrasive wear.

Super Bike Wash 4oz Concentrate: Makes 1 litre of Super Bike Wash! Super Bike Wash concentrate is a complex bio-cleaning compound that will quickly clean dirt, road grime, chain soils, and nutrition residue off your bike. Safe for all surfaces including carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum, fiberglass, stainless steel, clear coat, chrome, rubber, plastic & vinyl.

Package Weight: 393Gram

Pakcage Included:
1x Super Bike Wash 120ml
1x DRY Lube 120ml
1x Multi Bike Degreaser 120ml

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