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Finish Line Teflon Grease

Finish Line Teflon Grease

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Reformulated to exceed the unique and demanding requirements of bicycle bearings. Super Slick and made with Teflon® fluoropolymers.

This 100% synthetic oil grease coats ball bearings and races, preventing wear and distortion in headsets and bottom brackets, even in brutal down hill racing and over extended periods of time. Chosen since 1988 by more top pro teams as the slickest, toughest bicycle grease available. No matter how hard or long you ride, Finish Line Premium Grease will provide the lubrication your bearings require.

Finish Line’s all new technology for 2006 sets an even higher performance standard
New “functional” thickener totally prevents rust and corrosion (even in saltwater)
New thickener prevents washout and water emulsification
New technology withstands higher pressures without sheering
Tested, approved, and used by leading bike and bearing manufacturers
Safety, Health and The Environment:
Finish Line’s Teflon Grease features an Inherently Biodegradable formulation which means that between 20% and 60% of the product’s base oils will degrade within 28 days of being exposed to the outside environment.
Finish Line Teflon Grease is non-toxic when used in quantities and applications as intended and contains no carcinogenic or hazardous air polluting (HAP) ingredients.
This product emits no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and is REACH compliant for Europe and all ingredients used are listed with all major worldwide chemical inventories, which means that this product, as with all Finish Line Products, conforms to all environmental regulations for use as intended.

Size: 100g/3.5oz

Package Weight: 112Gram

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