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Jagwire Universal Sport XL Shift Cable Kit

Jagwire Universal Sport XL Shift Cable Kit

  • $40.00

Designed for folding bikes or bikes with unusual builds, our Universal XL kits include anti-kink end caps and longer cables and housing. Our shift kits make it easy, coming with stainless, slick, double-ended cables compatible with SRAM®, Shimano® and Campagnolo® systems.

- Longer housing and cables for folding bikes and unusual builds
- Anti-kink end caps prevent housing damage when bikes are folded
- All parts needed for a complete shift cable/housing install are included
- OEM quality cables and housing

LEX-SL - linear steel strands around a Slick-Lube liner

Linear Strand, Lubricated

Linear strands of steel are used to encircle the Slick-Lube Liner creating a compressionless ring. This delivers responsive, precise, crisp performance necessary in shift applications.

STS - pre-stretched, slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables

Slick Galvanized or Stainless Steel

An upgrade from basic cables, these galvanized and stainless steel strands are pre-stretched, then extruded through a die that removes the rough edges resulting in a smooth surface that reduces friction along the length of the cable. These cables are the most popular choice for riders balancing performance, durability and cost. The stainless steel option offers greater resistance to corrosion.

Housing Construction LEX with Slick-Lube Liner
Outside Diameter 4.0mm
Housing Length 4000mm
Cable Construction STS
Compatibility SRAM®/Shimano® & Campagnolo®
Front Cable Length 2300mm
Rear Cable Length 2500mm

Package Weight: 273Gram

Package Included:
1x 4000mm LEX-SL Shift Housing
1x 2300mm Front Shift Inner Cable
1x 2500mm Rear Shift Inner Cable
7x Sealed Alloy End Caps
1x Hooded Alloy End Cap
2x Anti-Kink End Caps
2x Cable Tips
2x 5G Tube Tops
6x Cable Donuts
2x Rotating Hooks


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