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KMC X11-93 11-Speed Chain

KMC X11-93 11-Speed Chain

  • $37.00

KMC X11-93 11-Speed Chain
KMC's 11-speed chain is a high-performing and extremely durable 118 link chain. The X-Bridge technology is specially designed to enable fast, smooth and precise shifts thanks to the half-nickel played outer plates. KMC's X11-93 11-speed chain is compatible with all 11-speed road and MTB systems.

Durable 11-speed Chain
Compared to other renowned chain brands, KMC X-series chains live longer - as proven in many road tests.

Dimensions: 1/2" x 11/128"
Pin Length: 5.65mm
Half-nickel plated
Extremely durable
118 links
Weight: 266g

Package Weight: 276Gram

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