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Portable Water Jet outdoor use

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Product Information:
- 12V Rechargeable Lithium Battery
- Fully charge 3hrs,vand can be operated for 40~ 50 mins
- Pressure Pump: 60W
- Water Flow: 2.3L/min

- 35Littles of water tank capacity
- Water Pressure: 64 psi

Product Weight(Items all in the box): 5.4kg

Advantages(Over all):
- Portable with Rollers. Pull N Go! Don't need, Weight Lifting.
- Can be used whenever and wherever
- Portable to use at outdoor activities 

- Best to use on Car, Motor Cycle/Bike, Mountain Bike, Bicycle and Etc.
- Item Height: 27 inch
- Item Width: 35 inch
- Item Length: 81 inch
- Material Type: Plastic, Copper

- Car Wash
- Motor Cycle/Bike Wash
- Mountain Bike & Bicycle Wash
- Glass Wash
- Garden Wash
- Yard Wash

Package Include :
1x Washer(Dry Weigh 4Kg, Water Tank 35Liters)
1x Hair Brush
1x Towel
1x Shower Spray Gun
1x Hand handle switch
1x Water Pipe Hose(7meter)
1x Car Lighter Charger(3meter)
1x Indoor Socket Charger(2meter)
1x Form Bottle


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