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PROLOGO Kappa 2 Saddle

PROLOGO Kappa 2 Saddle

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PROLOGO Kappa 2 Saddle

The PROLOGO Kappa 2 Saddle design features a rounded saddle shape that delivers day long riding comfort to the widest possible group of riders. It is tailored with a durable outer cover and generous padding combined with a generous 147mm width for added comfort.

Material: Nylon (base), Microfibre (cover)
Size: 275mm x 147mm
Rail: T2.0
Padding: Light PU
Weight: 265g
T2.0: Chromium rails with a high hardness index. They provide the perfect blend of mechanical resistance and compliance over a long lifespan. The material is chosen for its ability to deal with impacts and stresses.
ESD: The Ergo Shape Design is a refined saddle shape that was developed due to biomechanical studies done by Prologo over several years. ESD saddles feature a slender front area and a short rear area that quickly reaches maximum width. This permits a round pedal stroke, allowing the rider to maintain a natural position. The legs of the cyclist have more space during all phases of the pedal stroke, reducing friction, increasing alignment and optimising performance. The opening swift of the rear part of the saddle helps the rider to find the correct support of the ischial bones. This prevents sliding forward and any rotation of the pelvis.

Package Weight: 324Gram


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