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Safety Arm Band

Safety Arm Band

  • $10.00

This LED safety light with reflective strap helps improve visibility and safety at night.
Makes running, walking, cycling and other outdoor sports at night safer.
Just tie it around your arm, wrist or lower leg(ankle), press the switch button and you’re ready to go!
Suitable for night outdoor sports, such as running, cycling, trekking, etc.

Condition: brand new
Color: Blue or Red
Min circumference: 26cm
Max circumference: 58cm
Total Length(Combine Strap & LED Bend: 40.5cm
Height : 2cm
3 Points Hightlight:
- Safety Reflection
- Connection Buckle
- Switch Button
Battery life:
72 hours in stady mode
96 hours in flashing mode
Size: Expendable
Package Weight: 73Gram
Product Weight: 45Gram

Package includes:
1 x LED Warning Light Band
2 x 2032 Batteries(Given)


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