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Topeak 18+ Mini Tool

Topeak 18+ Mini Tool

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Topeak 18+ Mini Tool
The Topeak Mini 18+ is a lightweight and compact cycling tool, which features 18 tools ergonomically positioned for convenience and comfort when using, and it is so small it is practically unnoticeable when cycling. Should a road or trailside mechanical issue arise mid-ride, you can be assured that the Mini 18+, although being compact, will provide the accuracy, efficiency and durability to carry out the most common cycling mechanical issues.

Convenient, Durable & Perfect for Riding Anywhere
This mini, multi-tool is made from the highest-quality hardened steel and features a forged aluminium alloy body, both of which provide exceptional durability and resistance to wear or weather corrosion. To ensure longevity during transport, the tool comes supplied with a hardwearing, padded Neoprene case so you can easily fit it into your jersey pocket or your saddle bag, and it will be silent and protected as you go about your cycling venture.

Material: Forged Aluminium (body), Neoprene (case), Hardened Steel (tools)
Chain Tool: Cast CrMo Steel
Spoke Wrenches: 15g/14g
Tyre Levers: Anodised Aluminium
Torx Wrench: T25
Screw Drivers: 1x Phillips/1x flat
Allen Wrenches: 2/2-L/2.5/3/4 (2 each) 5/6/8/10mm
Bottle Opener: Steel
Chain Pin Tool: Chain pin breaker
Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.2x4.3x2cm
Tools: 18
Weight: 185g

Package Weight: 226Gram

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